Process Water Recycling

Process Water Recycling

Wherever you are worldwide, Lancy Technology provides a single resource for all of your process water recycling requirements, including effluent treatment, wastewater processing, metal and chemical recovery.

Process Water RecyclingWe can provide integrated systems in order to minimise effluent streams or provide completely closed loop systems for surface treatment, impregnation and NDT process plant. This will provide you with full system optimisation and capital investment benefits.

You will benefit from our expertise across all aspects of industrial water and effluent treatment operations, as well as our experience of designing, manufacturing and integrating our systems with process plant worldwide.

Our reliable, proven technology combined with a commitment to innovation means that you can benefit from the latest technologies available for either standard or custom-designed systems. Our experience ranges from supplying in-house recycling equipment to major metal recovery systems for deep extraction mining operations.

Additionally we deliver operational cost savings by helping to guarantee that discharge consent criteria are met, effluent streams are minimised and valuable materials reclaimed.

Our Approach

Lancy Technology has developed a range of stand-alone wastewater treatment technologies which can be combined into various process and system configurations to meet different wastewater discharge objectives and limits.

We have the depth of experience necessary to understand all of your surface treatment processes. We will evaluate the features and benefits of the varying technologies available in order to provide a wastewater treatment system that is designed to meet your specific goals.


Lancy Technology utilises the advantages of different membrane materials and available pore sizes to achieve a maximum of process performance and reliability.

Metal Recovery

Nickel and copper is used widely in the printing of circuit boards, for plating on plastics and throughout the general metal finishing industries.

We have developed a stand-alone technology that addresses not only the issue of meeting low discharge limits, but which also recovers copper and nickel with a metal purity of 99.9% and 99.5% respectively.

Rinse Water Recovery

The Lancy Technology Rinse Water Recovery System (RWRS) produces high quality metal finishing rinse waters and eliminates or reduces waste disposal.

Our system removes any contaminants from the rinse, creating the opportunity for metal reclaim and reuse. We provide electrolytic plate out recovery systems for many metals which operate in conjunction with RWRS. Low energy vacuum evaporation systems can provide closed-loop operation for most applications.

UV Disinfection

Patented UV Disinfection Technology. We are a UK distributor for a range of Patented UV Disinfection / UV Sterilisation Technology which is significantly more efficient and more effective than other UV technology available.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater evaporator systems have been on the market as the most economical method for the processing of a variety of different industrial wastewaters.

It is a viable alternative to the disposal of wastewater with specialised waste management companies or other processing methods. Using the innovative state of the art VACUDEST wastewater evaporator you can separate clean water from your industrial wastewater.

This reduces the volume of your wastewater and respectively your waste management cost up to 99 percent. The treated water can be recycled to the manufacturing process creating a zero liquid discharge production.