Meeting the challenges of the most demanding
industries worldwide.

NHE has unrivalled global experience in the supply of surface treatment, non-destructive testing and effluent water treatment plant across a wide range of industrial applications.

We understand that the production challenges, operational, regulatory and environmental requirements vary from industry to industry. This enables us to adapt our approach to meet your exact needs.


NHE has been supplying process plant and equipment to the aerospace industry for many years and we understand the exacting performance and safety standards the industry demands.

We are able to bring our experience and technical expertise in the design, specification and supply of surface treatment, testing and effluent plant through Plasticraft, FPI Engineering and Lancy Technology wherever you operate around the globe.


NHE has unrivalled experience and ability to provide process plant solutions to automotive industry OEMs and component suppliers on a worldwide scale.

Casting impregnation lines during engine block manufacture is a prime example of our work in this sector, with FPI Engineering in particular boasting an impressive track record with many of the leading industry manufacturers.

Oil & Gas

Both onshore and offshore, the oil and gas exploration and extraction industry is widely regarded as one of the most demanding and specialist in the world.

Operating on a truly global level, NHE’s capability in terms of equipment design, research and support is fundamental to many manufacturers in the sector and our equipment can be seen operating successfully worldwide in a wide variety of installation environments.


The mining and mineral extraction industry faces a range of safety, economic and environmental challenges.

NHE, through its Lancy Technology business, provides the mining industry with customised, sustainable solutions that reduce energy consumption, recycle/reuse water, minimise waste and reduce life-cycle costs.


NHE has significant experience of working with the power generation industry.

We understand that as the power industry becomes more competitive and environmental regulations becomes more stringent, power generators need solutions to ensure consistent processes and production, while also improving efficiency and reducing waste.