Non-destructive Testing Plant

Non-Destructive Testing Automated Lines

FPI Engineering automated non-destructive testing systems satisfy the requirements of high volume workflows.

Excellent process control and consistency is achieved by automating the testing systems which can also be equipped with data logging technology for monitoring in accordance with NADCAP requirements.

Maximising manpower deployment and optimising handling procedures for high value components, delivers operational efficiency combined with economic benefits.

Because project requirements can vary, FPI Engineering is able to supply, install and support a varying range of key processing components, such as:

  • effluent and odour control systems
  • inspection booths
  • electrostatic spraying facilities
  • etching lines
  • titanium etching units
  • cleaning units
  • custom component handling and tooling facilities

Our automated NDT and FPI systems meet the rigorous demands of the world’s leading industries, particularly those where safety is a crucial consideration. Prime examples are:

  • airframe and landing gear manufacturing
  • aero engine design
  • defence system manufacturing
  • aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)

Wherever material integrity and performance are key factors, FPI Engineering’s automated lines offer the optimum solution.