Non-destructive Testing Plant

Non-Destructive Testing Carousel Systems

The NHE non-destructive testing carousel system is a space-saving, fully enclosed design that enables simultaneous processing for large volume inspection and production.

The fully-automatic carousel system provides fluorescent penetrant inspection processing in a choice of configurations and sizes.

Carousel systems can be supplied to undertake a range of inspection duties including:

  • fluorescent penetrant inspection
  • non-destructive testing
  • water washable penetrant operations
  • post emulsifier penetrant operations

Components are processed in fixtures ahead of manual inspections and both method A (water washable) and method D (post emulsifier penetrants), both with multiple sensitivities, can be programmed into each installation. Process recipes are then selected to suit individual fixtures or components.

Effluent and odour control requirements can be fulfilled, whilst handling systems, robotics and data logging to optimise traceability, can also be specified.


The NHE Dye Penetrant Inspection System

Watch our video to discover why the NHE Dye Penetrant Inspection System is the leading solution for manufacturers who require simultaneous processing for large volume production.