Non-destructive Testing Plant

Non-Destructive Testing Manual Lines

FPI Engineering manual non-destructive testing systems are highly versatile and cost effective, combining simplicity of operation with the ability to accommodate a wide range of component sizes.

Our manual non-destructive testing systems offer you an ideal solution for situations where space is restricted yet testing is a vital part of your production chain.

Manual handling systems can allow you to incorporate a range of processing systems including:

  • tank lines
  • overhead hoists
  • roller conveyers
  • ovens
  • developer cabinets
  • UV lamps

Manual transfer of components between stages is ideally suited to smaller lines, whilst mechanical handling aids can be provided for larger installations.

Maximum flexibility can be provided where space is at a premium by configuring the process line, including ovens and developer cabinets, to match your preferred method of work transfer. This can include:

  • straight process line layout
  • L-shaped process line layout
  • U-shaped process line layout
  • front loading systems
  • top loading systems
  • through loading systems