Quality, Safety & Environment

We are committed to achieving the highest possible standards of quality, safety and environmental performance.

This applies to our manufacturing processes and procedures for our employees, the safe application of processes for our customers and via our commitment to meeting our environmental obligations.  We have achieved and adhere to the quality management standard ISO 9001 and are proud of our approved supplier status with many of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Plasticraft, FPI Engineering and Lancy Technology have long been instrumental in shaping their respective industries in terms of environmental awareness – using methods, equipment and procedures that meet exacting standards both in the UK and worldwide.  As a result, we have helped the surface finishing and processing industry achieve status as a genuinely value-added part of manufacturing and engineering.

We are also fully aware that this is not an area of industry that can afford to stand still. Our ongoing commitment to research and development strives to achieve better performing products, enabling customers to optimise their own safety and environmental procedures.  Importantly, this often links directly to minimising energy consumption which has a clear benefit in both cost and environmental terms.

Quality accreditations