NHE - Process Tank Linings

Process Tank Linings

NHE are the exclusive UK distributor of Witt Lining Systems – the market leader in developing innovative lining solutions to corrosion problems for more than 40 years.

Tank linings are used wherever liquid containment or the passive protection against the corrosion of plant and equipment is demanded.

Anodising, plating, galvanising and other metal cleaning and treatment operations all require proven containment systems.

Why choose a Witt Lining System from NHE?

  • Made in one piece for easy installation.
  • No extensive preparation work needed and no cure time.
  • Unique and proprietary formulations in a range of thicknesses for any application.
  • Custom fabricated to any size, shape, or configuration.
  • Maintenance free – does not flake, peel, or chip.
  • Liquid integrity not affected by cracks or holes in the substrate.
  • Easy to repair if damaged.
  • Emergency fabrication service available.
  • Network of qualified installers for difficult or large projects

NHE supplies Witt Lining System products designed and formulated specifically for metal finishing and plating industry applications.