Process Water Recycling

Rinse Water Recovery

The Lancy Technology Rinse Water Recovery System (RWRS) produces high quality metal finishing rinse waters and eliminates or reduces waste disposal.

Our rinse water recovery system removes any contaminants from the rinse, creating the opportunity for metal reclaim and reuse. We provide electrolytic plate out recovery systems for many metals which operate in conjunction with RWRS. Low energy vacuum evaporation systems can provide closed-loop operation for most applications.

The benefits of our proven rinse water recovery technology includes:-

  • The elimination or reduction of discharge to sewer.
  • Closed-loop design minimises costs of water, sewer use and wastewater treatment.
  • Prolonged process bath service life – the result of reduced drag-in contaminants.
  • Reduction in reject rate and improvements in plating quality.
  • The ability to treat chrome, cyanide and acid/alkali rinse waters with the use of resin combinations.
  • Reduced operating costs as a result of simplified regeneration systems.
  • Ease of installation resulting from modular design, factory skid mounting and pre-wiring.
  • Complete system integration via optional transfer stations and D.I. makeup systems.
  • Design compatibility with your existing waste management system.