Process Water Recycling

VACUDEST Vacuum Distillation

Achieve zero liquid discharge with a VACUDEST wastewater evaporator system. 

VAC_SIn general VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems pay for themselves within two years, representing a reliable investment in a future free of wastewater.

In almost every industrial sector environmentally dangerous wastewater is produced, which is not allowed to be disposed of into the public sewer system:

  • Spent cooling lubricant emulsion
  • Release emulsion from die-casting
  • Rinsing water from parts cleaning
  • Rinsing water from painting pre-treatment
  • Rinsing water from plating
  • Rinsing water from vibratory grinding
  • Rinsing water from salt-bath hardening
  • Rinsing water from stainless steel pickling
  • Penetrant rinsing water
  • Rinsing water from container cleaning
  • Landfill leachate

Vacuum distillation is the most economical method for processing this wide variety of industrial wastewaters. Lowest operation cost, energy efficiency and reliable system uptime ensure a fast return on investment.

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