Process Water Recycling

Wastewater Treatment

Sustainable treatment of industrial wastewater

Wastewater evaporator systems are proven as the most economical method for the processing of industrial wastewaters.

It is a viable alternative to the disposal of wastewater with specialised waste management companies or other processing methods. NHE are exclusive UK suppliers of the innovative, state-of-the-art, VACUDEST wastewater evaporator system.

Clean water is separated from industrial wastewater, this reduces your wastewater and waste management cost by up to 99 per cent. The treated water can be recycled back into the manufacturing process, creating a zero liquid discharge production.

Wastewater Evaporation

Vacuum distillation systems allow reliable and effective processing of industrial wastewater in just one process step. In general they pay for themselves within two years, representing a reliable investment in a future free of wastewater.

Wastewater Laboratory Testing

We offer a range of laboratory tests, if you would like us to analyse a sample please contact us for a quotation.

Water Treatment Chemicals and Membrane Cleaners

We are an expert water treatment chemical supplier providing a large range of water treatment chemicals and membrane cleaners which are specially-tailored to meet our customers’ demands.