Norman Hay plc

Norman Hay plc is a global chemicals, sealants, surface coatings and engineering group with over 70 years trading history.

Operating an international network of facilities and serving a wide range of industries, Norman Hay plc is a truly global business.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the group operates four main divisions

  • Ultraseal, the market leader in impregnation chemicals and process equipment
  • Surface Technology, specialists in the development and application of surface treatments with well known brands including Armourcote
  • SIFCO ASC, global leaders in selective plating
  • NHE, manufacturing bespoke process plant and equipment.

Our divisions and operating businesses are sharply focused on industries and customers that value and utilise our unique products, technology, systems and processes. Within NHEwe offer our customers world class products and technology-based process plant and equipment in key industry sectors: Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Mining & Extraction and Energy.

A continuous strategic drive for product innovations continues to strengthen our Group’s global proposition to offer specialist chemicals, sealants, surface coatings and process plant and equipment for ever more demanding and challenging environments.

Our strong global presence positions us well to serve our international customer base and creates a platform from which we can access fast-growing markets. It enables us to build and sustain close relationships with market leading customers, helps optimise our position in supply chains and in developing solutions in partnership with customers wherever they are across the world.

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