Plasticraft processing installation helps to meet Gardner Aerospace environmental and production needs

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Plasticraft processing installation helps to meet Gardner Aerospace environmental and production needs

Recent plant development by Gardner Aerospace, the leading manufacturer of tier 1 and tier 2 aerospace parts and sub-assemblies, is now gaining from a major process line installation from Plasticraft.

Investment by the company at new premises in Derby – one of five production facilities in the UK and 12 worldwide – has seen Plasticraft design and install a two line fully automatic processing system alongside additional equipment that reflects Gardner Aerospace’s commitment to environmental performance, typified by its Environmental Agency license.

Gardner Aerospace Process LineManufacturing processes at the site range from machining and sheet metal fabrication to tooling, assembly and processing, and it is in the latter area that the Plasticraft installation is operational.

“The turnkey project centres on two processing lines that provide cleaning, etching and anodising operations,” comments Will Green, Sales Director at Plasticraft’s Coventry premises. “In each case, both processing efficiency and flexibility are paramount in order to help maximise product quality and consistency across the wide range of components that Gardner Aerospace produces. Features which we have designed into the installations, such as fully automatic control that meets NADCAP requirements and data logging, offer important benefits in this context.”

Gardner Aerospace’s commitment to environmental performance is also addressed by the Plasticraft installation.  Facilities at the site include abatement and recycling systems, alongside a scrubber unit which, at some 4.2 metres in diameter to reflect the air volumes produced, is one of the largest the company has ever produced.

Key facts
  • The turnkey project features two processing lines providing cleaning, etching and anodising operations
  • Key objectives include processing efficiency and flexibility
  •  Installation includes automatic control and data logging facilities
  •  Abatement and recycling system features one of the largest scrubber units ever produced by Plasticraft