Our Services


Our commitment to your long term performance.

Our process plant often plays a critical role in your manufacturing success.

NHE understands the specific surface finishing, NDT and process water recycling needs of a wide range of industries. We also understand the shared manufacturing industry need for continuous improvement in process performance, reliability and efficiency.

We also understand your need for a professional process plant supply partner from initial consultation, to design; supply and throughout the service life of your plant and equipment.

Our proactive approach to project management, combined with over 40 years of experience, underpins every aspect of our customer relationships. Helping you to achieve your capital project milestones, operational objectives and optimise your total cost of ownership whether for a turnkey project or one off equipment order.

Our capability has been proven in projects of all sizes throughout manufacturing industry worldwide.

Research and Development

A commitment to optimising plant and process performance through innovation is fundamental to NHE’s track record and is clearly evident at Plasticraft, FPI Engineering and Lancy Technology.

Central to this is a belief that research and development is dynamic and should continually push the boundaries of system design and capability in order to maximise plant operational efficiency and reliability.


Process Plant Design

From surface treatment process plant to inspection systems, and from impregnation to waste water treatment, our approach to equipment design plays a key role in maintaining our leading position in the sector.

An understanding of ‘state of the art’ manufacturing processes and a full awareness of material and chemical performance specifications means that every installation is built from an experienced knowledge base, directly impacting on your own processing efficiency and end-product quality.

Process Plant Manufacturing

NHE is highly focused on the importance of quality manufacturing systems, evidenced by our ISO quality management certification and leading customer approvals.

Combined with our design skills and ongoing service and support commitment, we believe the quality of manufacturing processes is fundamental – from production methods used, to an understanding of the latest engineering techniques.

Process Plant Installation

Because Plasticraft, FPI Engineering and Lancy Technology have always had a commitment to fulfilling customer needs worldwide, NHE’s ability to meet delivery and installation objectives reliably is based on long term experience.

Process Plant Servicing and Maintenance

The wide variation in installations undertaken by Plasticraft, FPI Engineering and Lancy Technology means that NHE offers customers a choice of service and maintenance options.

Following installation, we firmly believe that it is vital that ongoing support includes a structured commitment in this important area – one which plays a key role in ensuring long term operational performance and of optimising Through Life Costs.


By installing NHE process plant, customers are benefitting not just from high quality, proven equipment design and manufacture, but also an unparalleled level of support throughout the lifetime of the installation.

This includes the expertise of engineers and support staff that have undergone our rigorous training programmes, and who fully understand all aspects of Plasticraft, FPI Engineering and Lancy Technology process plant operation.