Process Water Recycling

Membrane Filtration Technology

NHE is a UK agent for Berghof membrane filtration technology.

As a pioneer of external membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, Berghof systems provide a high quality, efficient and cost effective method for wastewater purification.

Bioreactor systems work by mineralising dissolved and suspended organic matter in wastewater into CO2 and water. Berghof tubular UF membranes separate the purified water from the biomass.

Unlike other MBR systems, Berhof’s External MBR technology positions the membranes outside the bioreactor; resulting in a cost effective and efficient process that requires no costly lifting equipment to install, nor extensive ongoing chemical cleaning operations.

A proven technology that has been utilised for many years, the reliability and cost effectiveness of Berghof’s MBR technology can be found in more than 140 full scale MBR plant installations worldwide.

The products below meet a variety of wastewater demands, from less concentrated wastewater to medium and high solid content liquids.

We supply the following products: