Process Water Recycling

UV Disinfection / Tank Cleaning – Microlight®

Microlight® is designed for flowthrough UV disinfection.

The Microlight® UV disinfection reactors are for industrial and public applications. An intelligent design combined with exact calculations of the required irradiation dose allows these reactors to be adapted to precisely meet your needs.

All our Microlight® UV disinfection reactors use rotational flow. This guarantees high turbulence which prevents deposits and ensures thorough UV sterilisation as the liquid passes through the reactor past the UV lamp. The rotational flow can be adapted to suit requirements and is calculated using the Bodenstein number ensuring the correct settings are selected.

Microlight Basic

A competitively priced UV disinfection reactor. Developed and produced for standard applications from 2 up to 20 m3/h, available in PP for warm water applications up to 6 bar pressure. Optimum disinfection for price sensitive applications.

Microlight Standard

A choice of materials between polypropylene, glass and stainless steel and a wide application range make the standard reactor series the system of choice for all applications up to 30 m3/h. The reactors are adapted according to the water quality expected. The model in borosilicate glass allows in service viewing of the reactor chamber.

The Standard-Series is adaptable to achieve optimum UV-transmission of the treated liquid, optional equipment such as UV-sensor, temperature and flow through-controller, in place cleaning installation, DVGW-certification and many other configurations are available on request.

Microlight Extension

The reactor generation for large-scale uses up to 1000 m3/h. These reactors are constructed according to client specifications in stainless steel. The abrasive effect of the rotational flow continually cleans the reactor.

The Extension series covers large reactors, which are produced out of high grade stainless steel. All equipment is custom engineered to meet special customer requirements.