Process Water Recycling

UV Disinfection of Treated Domestic Sewage

Domestic properties without access to mains drainage require their own packaged sewage treatment plant.

Communities where septic tanks previously provided the necessary level of treatment are now expected to discharge better quality effluents. This had led to an increased demand for small packaged sewage treatment plants.

Once the effluent has passed through the sewage treatment plant it is often necessary to disinfect the effluent before discharging it using UV light. Our Microfloat UV lamp inside a sanitisation chamber provides the perfect solution. This system is effective, economical and easily integrated with existing systems.

Our UV Disinfection solution can be used in conjunction with the following types of domestic sewage treatment plants:

Continuous Aeration Plant (CAP) – designed to provide full treatment to crude sewage produced in a normal domestic environment. The cap treats sewage to a higher standard than a septic tank but does not offer the same degree of control available from a Sequential Batch Reactor.

Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) – also designed to provide full biological treatment to crude sewage produced in a normal domestic environment. These units are usually installed in situations where there is no public sewer and where a septic tank or CAP is not environmentally acceptable.

We are exclusive UK distributors for this Patented UV Sterilisation Technology which is significantly more efficient and more effective than other UV technology available. Microfloat® is a thorough UV sterilisation solution, perfect for use with domestic sewage treatment plants.

Our Microfloat® UV lamp is designed for disinfection of tanks with varying and static levels. Microfloat® irradiates the water and the moist walls of the tank preventing biofilms and disinfecting the water permanently.

Until recently, several systems were required to carry out Microfloat®´s dual function. Microfloat® disinfects the entire tank (fluid, gas, and wall of the tank). Our Microfloat® UV lamp is a very economical germ destruction product with a low energy requirement. It can be installed easily and is very simple to operate.