Process Water Recycling

UV Tank Disinfection / Tank Cleaning – Microfloat®

Microfloat® is designed for disinfection of tanks with varying and static levels.

Microfloat® irradiates the water and the moist walls of the tank preventing biofilms and disinfecting the water permanently.

Up to now, several systems were required to carry out Microfloat®´s dual function. Microfloat® disinfects the entire tank (fluid, gas, and tank wall), creating an effective barrier against further infection.

Several Microfloat® systems can be linked together to provide an effective solution for larger tanks. Microfloat® is a very economical germ destruction system with a low energy requirement. It is easily installed in any container and is very simple to operate. If you have large containers with a high liquid throughput , combining Microfloat® with a Microlight® Basic flow-through disinfection reactor is an effective and economical solution.

Applications for Microfloat®

  • Tank Sterilisation / UV disinfection of storage containers in water treatment facilities (reverse osmosis systems, demineralised water tanks)
  • Production systems
  • Industrial cooling towers
  • Clima chambers
  • Cisterns and reservoirs
  • Other applications:- beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, cosmetic industry, plating industry, drinking water supply
Type Container Volume* Electrical Power Number of Lamps A (mm) C (mm)
Microfloat® 1/0 up to 1 m3 11 W 1 250 60
Microfloat® 2/0 up to 4 m3 22 W 2 580 120
Microfloat® 3/0 up to 6 m3 33 W 3 580 120
Microfloat® 3/1 up to 8 m3 44 W 4 580 330

*Calculated for the spectral absorbance of 1/m at 254 nm. Germ inactivation rates of circa 99.99% attained.