Process Water Recycling

UV Tank Disinfection / Tank Cleaning – Microspear®

Microspear® is designed for disinfection of tanks or tank cleaning in tanks with static levels using UV light.

It is designed for open rinses and for disinfection of machines or machine parts. It prevents the infection of subsequent process steps and leads to better function of the individual unit due to the sterile conditions produced by the UV light.

After the installation of the Microspear® units the clients reported that the weekly line shut down and mechanical tank cleaning was no longer necessary. The rinse water was successfully disinfected by the UV light.


Type Length Dmax
15 345 mm 32 mm
40 960 mm 32 mm
120 960 mm 32 mm

Rinse Tanks – Microspear® 40

  • All electroless rinses (Cu, Ni, Au)
  • Drag out tanks as well as rinses of electrolytic acid copper lines
  • Drag out tanks and rinses of acid as well as neutral gold plating lines
  • Phosphating lines

Horizontal Plating Lines – Microspear® 15

(Units are mounted in between upper-rollers and immersed in the sump tanks)

  • Alkaline developers and rinses
  • Rinses after Sn – stripper in PTH lines
  • Pre- and post cleaning after hot air levelling and cleaning prior to solder mask application
  • Rinse after probimer developer