Process Water Recycling

Wastewater Laboratory Testing

We offer a range of laboratory tests, if you would like us to analyse a sample please contact us for a quotation.

Please see the following information regarding available laboratory tests. If you need advice on which laboratory tests you may require please let us know. If there is a particular lab test you require that does not appear in the following tables please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We also perform Labscale laboratory tests including: Ultra-/ Microfiltration and Evaporation. For Resin investigations and wastewater treatment trials we use our own methods.


Parameter Analytical Method
Complexion, colour, odour EN
Settable substances Imhoff, EN
pH-value EN
Conductivity EB
Evaporation residue EN
Oil and grease pH 1, split
Mineral oils Gaschromatography, EN
Fat, oil and grease Hexan
m- and p-value Titration


Parameter Analytical Method
Heavy metals AAS, EN
Digestion HNO3/H2O2 EN
Ammonium-nitrogen Cuvette test
Chromate EN
Cyanide – easy release Cuvette test
Cyanide – total Cuvette test
Hydrogen Peroxide Quicktest
TOC Water EN
TOC Solids EN


Parameter Analytical Method
COD Cuvette test
Nitrate-N EN
Nitrite-N EN
Phosphate-Phosphorus Cuvette test
Sulphate Cuvette test
Revision of MSDS Quicktest